As a Travel Magazine hiking reporter, It is fortunate enough to do many hiking trails and include the Portuguese coast, the Dolomites and the Swiss Alps. The most memorable, however, is heading to the lost city of Colombia, through the forests of the Sierra Nevada, or Sierra Nevada.

This is not the most surprising or the most painful, but the reason is that there is no other way to get there than a helicopter. Access is limited to small groups and it is important to take a desi kogi guide, as the place is sacred to the locals. No alcohol is allowed here and you sleep in the main banks beneath the net of mosquitoes.

It’s a four-day trek, there and back, and although it’s only 52km away, it’s a hot and humid journey. I was with people a third of my age so, of course, I was behind. They weren’t too sure I could do it, but I was happy to prove them wrong. When I finished climbing the 1200km covered trail and disappeared into the lost city, I found a way to clap.

A pair of soldiers guarding the door, waving automatic weapons. Guerrillas were abducted by tourists in 2003. Within many circles, the foundations of wooden huts are connected to the paths that are covered by broad roofs. Spread over an area of ​​about 30 hectares, 250 rooftops have been discovered so far and it is believed that there are about 4000 people on the top.

Woke up early in the morning, which allowed sunlight to penetrate the deep green umbrella and only birds and nearby waterfalls were heard. All of a sudden, two bullets went off, all of them in a panic. Fortunately, the hunting trip was attended by locals only but it added to the magical experience.

January Skiing in Morzine

In January, I traveled with friends in the Ports du Soleil area of ​​the French Alps, on a train from London to Morzine. As a ski writer, I have visited a number of resorts, but Morzine remains a favorite for three reasons. First of all, this town is beautiful, with wooden and stone buildings. And it’s amazing. There is always a lot going on. From the moment you end up on the slopes, friendly rods such as a trampoline welcome you to its booted bopping bonhomie.

Second, the city has plenty of catered chat accommodations, with some amazing independent operators such as Elektos, Skiology and Train Line Chelate, but it has three names. Living in these old farmhouse buildings, having a fire inside and a hot tub outside, is a great way to experience the Alps. People say that catered chat is the closest thing to a ‘home from home’. I wish my house was the same trick …

The third thing is the area of ​​Ports du Soleil itself – a vast 600km powdery playground. There are so many paste options, different types of areas, that you have a selection of goods each morning: Turn to aviaries. Lose yourself in the long run at Margins. Deal with the descent in Les Cruises; or scoop on the quietly quiet slopes of Mont Cherry. The slopes have also been developed into a fine seaward mountain restaurant, such as Grande Orsi on Mont Cherry, cozy waffles and a friendly, traditional chef Nanin. Morzine is really a tactic where you can have a large group of different abilities and know that everyone will be happy.

I’m not really a habit creature, but I’m going back to Morzine this January. I just can’t help it.

Experiencing life like a Zamindar

For me, 2019 has been a tornado and I’ve experienced multiple times in hotels and destinations throughout my life that will only be available to travel journalists. The standout experience that will stay with me all my life, however, is my time living in Rajbari Boli, a 30-minute drive from Kolkata, West Bengal.

When I arrived at the gate of the 300-year-old palace carrying 12 hours of night travel and light hair from the airport, it was strange to hear conch shells being heard to greet me. General Chat Chat Lounge Spotlights glowing on the great columns of stone in the inner courtyard revealed the hotel’s luxury. In my room, a hefty four-poster bed and colonial-era furnishings, hessian sacks for the blinds, and an unforgettable shower made for an unforgettable experience.

There are many places in the world where you are served Indian cuisine cooked by a chef who has worked in 5 of India’s most star hotels and in the wake of World War II in the countryside of Bengali countryside. Is. The same day. Traveling aboard a wooden boat at sunset with tasty crudities on the river Hugli, as past crowded passenger boats passed by.

Back at the resort, breakfast was served at a table in the swimming pool, diamonds and peacocks danced all day long, and local ball singers and dancers entertained guests at night.

When I first heard that I was going to spend some nights in the Bengali countryside, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I have experienced is when it comes to relaxing luxury destinations in their palace, adventuring and saving tasty local food.

São Nicolau Cape Verde

This is the view of the calm Mount Vista that enables every difficult move through Monte Gordo National Park.

I spent time exploring the wild, mountainous trails of Sao Nacional, one of the more islands of Cape Verde. I participated in the island’s annual trekking festival, an innovative tourism project designed to boost the potential of S نیکo Niklaلا’s trekking development.

All the trekking trails in Sao Nacional are managed by passionate volunteers. They create paths and hints that connect pine forests, countryside, proportional biological diversity, and amazing coastal paths.

Walking on different trails, I was impressed by the wild and remote location of National Park. Silence is sometimes broken by the sound of a donkey’s bell or the laughter of local children, who go to school by twisting routes.

Remote trekking for hiking around Sao Niklao requires courage and affection. Comprehensive trails feature elevation, dramatic mountain drop paths, shifting grounds, and a small degree of danger when you trample loose rocks. These are tricky tricks that should not be tried without a professional guide. Here it is very easy to put one foot wrong and wander in the wilderness.

During one of the more demanding routes, I was able to bend my knee and wander down the sloping paths to the bottom of a volcano. Fortunately, I was able to be seen by a local therapist on my return. The next day, to get me back on the trail, he added me to the coffee burn [using burning cups].

Hiking in Sao Niklau is the perfect place for outdoor lovers to experience the unique destination trekking.

Charleston (USA)

Charleston has a rich history, well-preserved architecture and one of the most fascinating scenes in the United States. The churches, not the skyline, are street-colored buildings and buildings of paste color. The city remains the focus of the Old World and is now more accessible with the launch of a new direct flight from British Airways in April. I was fortunate to be among the first to depart from Heathrow.

Charleston is one of the architecturally important places in North America, and one of the highlights of my trip was horse (or mule in my case) and carriage trips, to see the colorful rainforest row houses and more. Was the classic way of listening. In the history of the city I went on a romantic sunset on the water, where there was an 84 tall ship, the Schooner Pride, modeled after 18th-century coastal commercial schooners, who once marked the harbor. Was planted. I visited Dolphin and Pelican before heading to Hotel Bennett, the oldest new hotel in the south, visiting the famous and historic Marion Square in downtown Charleston.

Magnolia Plants is one of the most visited gardens in South Carolina but my particular favorite was Middleton Place, one of the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States. Rare camellias open in winter, while vibrant aquifers have blanketed the edge of the mountain in the spring.

When it comes to food, Low Country Cuisine has evolved over the past 300 years, including my top restaurant recommendation, Charleston Girl. Dinner Girl’s signature crab travels far and wide for cakes; the award-winning menu is a long-standing fact; this dish incorporates a mixture of fresh shrimp meat cake and herbs and spices.

There is a lot to look forward to next year on the 350th anniversary of Charleston, and I have no hesitation in recommending this southern ballet.

Isles of Scilly

On my fantasy vacation, the farthest dream was an island surrounded by powdered white beaches. At a place where wild berries hung like grapes on the edge of the street, wild roses and flowers turned into a meadow and subtropical plants. I imagined a place where lobsters and crabs could be caught on command and where I could roam for several days without encountering more than a handful of people.

They were just dreams of the day. I never thought I would get all this and only a 15 minute flight from the English coast. Then I discovered the island of Scully, and in particular, St. Agnes, the largest population in the UK. You board a small boat that connects the five inhabited islands. The open boat is ten minutes away from St. Mary’s (scally “land”). At the harbor, the only salmon are birds, made up of strange piles of black granite stones. The staff left some packages and a mail sack on the dock, and they left to catch the wave.

Then you will discover yourself. It’s a three-mile walk to cover the entire island, or about a mile away on a short, smooth lane. A short turn from the harbor there are views of the Gog in the Turkish head pub, a minor island connected by a rain of sand at the bottom. Once it has passed, the deepest silence, only disturbed by the air in the hedgerows, descends. I stopped chatting with two artists: Emma runs the Eberlein Potboys Gallery and makes her own glazes and clay from a sculptor’s gallery at the Lou Lou Symonds Oil Hall. At church, I admired another local artist, Oriel Hooks’ stained glass windows. I picked up sun-warmed berries from the hedgehogs and picked up batches on the beach for the ship’s wrecked Venetian pearls. And then it’s time to leave: Millet waits for no one. I’ll be back.