Welcome to the Family Hotel Islamabad. hotel rooms and suites at the family hotel Islamabad offer the perfect blend of beauty and elegance or just looking for a remarkable getaway, your stay will be nothing short of unforgettable.

Extra Savings:-

Without any reasonable doubt, this could be one possibility that’s improbably affordable and even terribly economical as compared to 3-star hotels. You’ll get pleasure from identical beauty and even the comfort level while not attempting to pay one thing any to that. as an example, if you’re searching for flat irons, hair dryers or the opposite necessary factor, you’ll notice in your space. These guest homes typically run a building or even associate eatery then you’ll get yourself into some lip-smacking food which too throughout the day.

Family Hotel Islamabad Room:-

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Cozy Ambiance:

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Fully furnished cool rooms.
Central location with massive looking malls.
24-Hour area service with a full menu.
Local transport at your few steps.
Laundry facility around the clock.
Stand by generator/UPS.
Rent a car.
Doctor on decision.
News Paper (Complimentary).
Shoeshine (Complimentary).
Break Fast.
Wi-Fi Broadband web facility (Complimentary).

we provide you a really special package for your delegations and Meeting arrangement as per your demand.


Single Room 3500 3000
Double Room 4000 3500
Extra Bed 500

No Illegal or Immoral activities are allowed.

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